DIY Garden Lighting Ideas


Home gardens are the best place stroll with your friends after work or alone as you meditate .Many people prefer going to the garden in the evenings as the sun sets to during the day. However, if the evening is chilly and clouded, it gets dark very fast. Darkness can interfere with your moments and thus, the necessity to have a lighting mode. There are many diy garden lighting ideas available which are simple and easy to apply.
Are you using a garden lantern? If not, which mode of lighting do you use? Kindly let me know in the comments section. Garden lanterns are simple and the most common garden lighting idea. The materials for making a garden lantern are locally available and reliable. You need metal cans, nails, hammer, water, sand, permanent marker, leaves, copper wire, sheets of vellum paper, masking tape and spray paint.
Sand and water mixture is put into a metallic can and placed in a freezer. A permanent marker is used to draw a template (Leaf) which is placed on the can. Holes are punched on the can before the can is painted. Finally, copper wires and a candle are added and the garden lantern is ready for use.

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