Man Cave Shopping

Finding a great beer fridge is not as easy as I thought it was, and since I am a big fan of impromptu parties in my home, I definitely need the top of the line to satisfy those that come over for big events on television or for backyard parties. My husband also likes to have his poker nights for his group of friends and they always seem to run out of ice cold beer, to the chagrin of some of the guests. With this next purchase, I hope to nip that problem in the bud for good.   Before Continue reading

Break Out the Crayons

One of the biggest trends lately is coloring books for adults, which I find hard to believe considering the state of the world today. But now that I really think about it, the trend totally makes sense. There are so many people finding ways to recapture their youth and coloring books are one of the earliest childhood memories that come to mind and always gave me such a sense of pleasure. Now that I am an adult, I accidentally stumbled on to this craze and have become an avid fan. There Continue reading

The Value of Giving

I believe that it important for everyone to understand the lesson of charity and how we as a society must ensure that everyone is provided for at a bare minimum. For this to occur, I truly think it starts at home with parents and how they relay such important messages to their children. As the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’. That goes for learning about the spirit of charity, what it entails, and how we all benefit from the act of giving.   There are so many horrific things Continue reading